World Bank

Pro-Bono Legal Aid in Armenia, 2015

In the Framework of the World Bank funded “Strengthening of Training Capacity of the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia” project Global SPC has conducted a survey on current status of pro-bono legal aid services and financing challenges in Armenia, including areas of law in demand for legal counseling and legal representation. The survey report provides also recommendations to state officials on actions necessary to improve the situation in Armenia.

Based on this survey the company developed also the Free Legal Aid Services Guidelines – Operational Manual, which was provided to the School of Advocates for further use.


Parmaceutical guide. Armenia 2014

Global SPC with the support of the USAID/EDMC project has developed “Parmaceutical guide. Armenia 2014”. The guide provides information about the country’s pharmaceutical and importing companies, as well as local representations of foreign pharmaceutical organizations. The guide exhaustively presents the drug market tendencies of the Republic, from the point of view of import, export and production, as well as the educational institutions.


Food processing guide. Armenia 2014

Global SPC with the support of the USAID/EDMC project has developed “Food processing guide. Armenia 2014”. It provides information about the food processing sector and producing companies of Armenia. Export opportunities and channels for processed food of Armenia are also included in the Guide.


Interactive map on customs procedures of the Republic of Armenia

Global SPC within the framework of USAID EDMC project has developed an interactive map on customs procedures of the Republic of Armenia. It describes all import procedures and export procedures for agricultural and non-agricultural products.

The interactive map gives an opportunity to learn about the above mentioned procedures through a few basic and simplified steps. Each of these steps describes also the activities to be carried out by an importer or exporter. The description of procedures is given according to the current Customs legislation of Armenia as of September 1, 2013.

European Commission | ECORYS Netherlands

Trade sustainability impact assessment (Trade SIA) under DCFTA

Global SPC is proud to be the part of the international team conducting a trade sustainability impact assessment relating to the negotiations of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between the EU and the Republic of Armenia together with Ecorys (The Netherlands) and CASE (Poland).

The objective of the study is to assess how the trade and trade-related provisions under negotiation could affect economic, social, and environmental issues in the EU and Armenia (as well as in other relevant countries, in particular neighboring developing countries). Furthermore, it should propose measures (trade or non-trade – the so-called ‘beyond the border’ dimension/issues) to maximize the benefits of the DCFTA and prevent or minimize potential negative impacts. It should also include a reference to the EU-Turkey Customs Union and assess the impact of the future DCFTA on the Customs Union's functioning.


Investment Guide

Global SPC developed Investment Guide for the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia in the framework of USAID/EDMC project. It aims to guide foreign investors through the process of doing business in Armenia by providing useful information about Armenian business and regulatory environment, investment climate, industry and customs system, etc.

It could serve as a handbook for investors to discover businesses, to make proper and effective decisions and conduct business in Armenia.


Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness

Global SPC is proud to be part of international team implementing the USAID funded Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness program in Armenia.

The Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC) program is a 5-year USAID-funded project with a total assistance budget of $17 million. The EDMC program will be implemented by a consortium of international and Armenian consulting companies under the leadership of the Pragma Corporation: the program will draw upon the international expertise of the Pragma Corporation, Shore Bank International, Sibley Associates, the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (SEAF), the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED), Associates in Rural Development (AIRD) and the unique knowledge and experience of Armenian experts with Global SPC and Grant Thornton Armenia.

The International Monetary Fund

Global SPC served the IMF Resident Representative Office in Armenia: a package of legal and advocatory services have been provided.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.


Healthcare System Strengthening in Armenia

Global SPC has provided legal services to famous company "Abt Associates Inc." The company is implementing the HS-STAR project financed by USAID.

The HS-STAR relies on an approach that simultaneously aims to strengthen the health system while improving the quality of care and increasing population knowledge in priority service areas, including maternal and child health, reproductive health and family planning, tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases and emergency medicine.

European Commission
Website Development for the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre - Phase V (AEPLAC – V)

Global SPC together with the company Smart Systems has developed the website for the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre - Phase V (AEPLAC V). The latter’s main goals are to contribute to the reinforcement of the capacity of the administrative bodies in relation with the EU integration through the programs Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and European Neighborhood Policy, to promote awareness of the EU in the RA, and to provide assistance to the EU Advisory Team.

  • Effective and important consultations, including those regarding the design and content of the website,
  • Conduct of trainings for the personnel of AEPLAC V in order to introduce the prepared website, its facilities, the electronic system for controlling the data included in the website, as well as creation of user/ administrator manuals and instructions for its use.

European Commission
Website of the Program Management Agency of the RA Ministry of Economy.

The company Global SPC has taken part as an adviser of the Smart Systems LLC in the proceedings of the website development for the Program Management Agency of the RA Ministry of Economy within the bounds of the program “Assistance for the implementation of the programs Twinning and TAIEX”, which is carried out with the assistance of the European Commission. The website will present information on the programs Twinning, TAIEX and SIGMA which will be implemented under the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument.

  • Professional suggestions concerning the text and content of the website,
  • Holding a seminar for the respective persons assigned in the RA state government bodies, introduction of the developed website, the electronic system for the management of the information placed in the website and the conditions for their use.

“Hayastan” All Armenian Fund
Analysis of HATM LLC financial position and operations.

Global SPC conducted analysis and provided recommendations on:

  • Trade results;
  • Profitability, including cost of sales and other expenses structure and accounting;
  • Financial position;
  • Management and human resources;
  • Marketing activities and marketing plan.

Our team also assisted the management of HATM LLC business plan development and conducted financial projections of the Company.

“Hayastan” All Armenian Fund
Market research and survey of construction materials.

In frames of analysis of financial position and operations of HATM LLC, Global SPC conducted a general market research of construction materials sector in Armenia. Research included survey of over 40 companies in construction materials and construction sectors, desktop research, assessment of construction market, etc.

World Trade Organization
Delivering professional lectures and seminars for responsible employees of the ministries of the Republic of Armenia and other state bodies, as well as for students and other interested parties:

  • Organizing and delivering special lectures and seminars for governmental employees.

World Trade Organization
Study of institutional and legal systems of the Republic of Armenia and analysis of compliance to the WTO provisions:

  • Conduct of institutional researches in the ministries of the Republic of Armenia and other state bodies,
  • Research of the laws regulating trade sector of the RA and other laws concerned with the WTO agreements,
  • Analysis of the negotiation processes in the framework of WTO.

World Trade Organization
Collection, translation and printing of the information on suggestions, submitted by the WTO member countries, their positions and related discussions conducted within WTO negotiations current stage:

  • Study, collection and translation of technical documents,
  • Development and printing of books, covering issues of WTO negotiations current processes, suggestions and positions of member countries and related discussions.

World Trade Organization
Creation of the WTO Notification Agency website’s new design, its ongoing development and expansion of the sectors involved:

  • Development and preparation of a new design for the website, its functional fields and links,
  • Study, collection and translation of the data on the customs guides and trade policies of the WTO member countries,
  • Collection, processing and development of the laws and regulations governing trade and economic relations, as well as WTO current documents.

Benchmarking of Armenian IT Policies from the Perspective of Increasing IT Cluster Competitiveness

  • Study and thorough analysis of countries that have succeeded to develop viable IT production sectors, such as Israel, Ireland, Estonia, South Korea, and Egypt, and their development ways.
  • Comparative analysis of the above mentioned countries to the current situation and potential development actions of IT sector in Armenia and provision of precise conclusions and suggestions.

IT Development National Strategy and Action Plan for the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia

  • Development of “IT Sector Development Concept Paper” for the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia in support of its strategic goals to develop a robust Information Technology sector and to create a viable E-Society in Armenia.
  • Study and drafting of the main objectives of IT industry development and action programs, necessary for their achievement.

World Bank/CPCS Transcom Limited (Canada)
Transaction Advisory Services Implementing the Tender for the Concession of the Armenian Railway
Global SPC was the local agent of Canadian company CPCS Transcom, which mission was to advise the Government of Armenia on the concessioning of the state-owned Armenian Railway. Global SPC was responsible for any issue concerned with financial advisory requested by CPCS Transcom. In the result CPCS made recommendations to the Government of Armenia on the appropriate structure for the railway concession.




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